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E. McPan

Actually, I'm a she.


My apologies to E. McPan. I've noticed that The Ellusionist Blog also refers to me as "he." Isn't it odd (maybe not) that at least some areas of the blogosphere seem to be dominated by males? See the Bennett Capers Prawfsblawg post concerning the Blawgosphere here (

Steve Leventhal

I'm singularly amazed at the publicity generated by my response in the Blash case. I was a street performer juggler/magician/puppeteer long before I was a lawyer. In fact, I used to sell the Rocky Raccoons puppet line on the street corners of Philly to help finance law school. There's an old saying in Philly that "we're all trial lawyers till you pick a jury." I've performed for thousands of people in the outdoor performance squares of Europe- so 12 in a box is EASY! (No sight lines to worry about!)

As for opp counsel who think they can just lie in wait and take a cheap parting shot this manuever has back-fired pretty badly in the past. But note- I pick and choose the cases I settle and the one's I try. I see a lot of insurance fraud cases
and when the time is right- magic has never failed me. S. Leventhal, Esq./Magi

Steve Leventhal

The Fact is that magic training has been an essential trial tool.
Had a nasty case once where I won the case merely by catching the Judge's tell. (He was an old judge who would take copious notes from the bench. Every now and again he would stop writing and look up. It dawned on me within the first 5 minutes of the three day trial that he was merely waiting to sustain an objection- if raised. I then proceded to get 53 objections sustained in a row! The effect was devastating to opp counsel who never knew what hit him. Again- this is my fault, why?

In my last case I accurately predicted in a sealed envelope the exact time the jury would return with a defense verdict after a 2 week trial- within two minutes! Counsel is still calling me trying to figure out how I did it...

S. Leventhal, Philly Esq/magi

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