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Robert Ferris

My name is Robert Ferris. I am a professional musician, and (for the past two years) a working magician living the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been conjuring all my life. To the point: I have been trying to find out what happened to the manuscript of Max Malini's unpublished autobiography, titled by him as "Just Malini." It is mentioned briefly in Vernon's "Malini and His Magic", Chapter 8, pg. 91, pf. 2. I thought that if anyone on this earth knows anything about it, it would have to be you and/or Ricky Jay. I would love to see this book get published, as I adore Malini, and he has had a tremendous influence on my magical thinking. Please let me know what you can. Oh, and thank you 10,000 times for your book, "Lifesavers." It has, many tmes!


I am also a licensed Private Investigator in CA (PI14584 - since 1990). I would be honored should you ever require some gumshoeing, whether research or shoe leather based. Just no marriage cases, please! (^:

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