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Robert Speer

Yes, I am also a magician. I am presently the Vice President of the [Fantastic] Georgia Magic Club (which is also Ring 9 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians). I rarely perform stage magic, but do alot of close-up (especially with cards -- I have my own, which also serve as by "business card.") I have been very careful to keep the magic separate from the courtroom, so as to make sure that I am seen as "Lawyer" first, and "Magician" second. I perform numerous card effects in my office for clients to cheer them up - - - and it works! I also do shows at my home, which has a small theatre in it. I have learned alot from my fellow magicians (Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger are my teachers) about presentation, illusion, and the human mind. This knowledge is most helpful in the practice of law. Thank you for your blog and for your interest in me.

Magically Yours,

Robert Speer, The Magic Lawyer®

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